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Under Eye Concealer - My Tips & Tricks

So who wants that perfect flawless under eye? My late nights with wine, laptop, iPad, phone, and anything else that connects me to the world and I enjoy is not the kindest to this area of my face. Which is why I have always sought out various tips and tricks to getting the perfect under eye coverage. So here it is, my under eye concealer routine.

All about that base

First things first is to set the base. Concealer will never go to plan if the canvas is rough and dehydrated. So a good eye cream works a treat to prep the skin. I am currently loving Clarins Multi Active Eye which has an amazing applicator to massage the eye area and diminish toxins.

If you want to blow the budget then Elizabeth Arden Prevage eye cream is an amazing eye cream for smoothing out fine lines, hydrating the eye area and firming aswell as restoring the skin.

Lancome Vissionaire Yeux is an excellent choice if you are looking for a product that smooths out crows feet, hydrates and reduces puffiness.

For a low budget option try the Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream for a boost of hydration

Colour correction

When all is prepped and primed the next step I feel is the crucial one. Colour correction is such an important part of under eye concealing that many people leave out or avoid as they are not quiet sure what colours to use or they feel it's too much product. Well a little goes along way friends and once you correct you will see a huge difference. Let me introduce to you the colour wheel. Learn it, memorize it, let it sink in, as this will be your tool for creating the perfect tone to your skin.

So an easy way to look at it is to pick the colour you want to correct and then look across from it to find the corrector colour. So for skin with redness, choose a green primer or colour correcting concealer to tone down and neutralise the redness.

My skin is neutral based, it is in-between cool and warm and there is a hint of dullness to my skin which can make me look ashy and tired. So a pink primer can neutralise this problem and make my skin look warm and alive. The SOS primer 01 Rose by Clarins is a great solution.

My under eye area has a purple/blue tint of colour and as I am of a neutral tone and not very dark-skinned I would choose a shade between red and orange which is a peachy tone for me. For dark skin tones they would need to choose an orange colour corrector. For fair skin tones a salmon colour works well by using only on the dark circle and using a very small amount. Corrector is best in my opinion applied before foundation and concealer. Nyx under eye corrector is a great drugstore option.

After you have applied foundation then apply your under eye concealer. There are so many concealers out there it is hard to know which one to use and this is a whole other blog post! But my ride or die concealers for under eye hydration are

Bye Bye under eye concealer by IT cosmetics

Clarins Instant Concealer

Maybelline age rewind concealer in neutraliser is also perfect for under eyes with a touch of darkness and it is not heavy.

Setting under eye concealer

There are many methods out there at the moment such as baking, using a powder brush, beauty blender or under eye primer to set concealer. My opinion on this is to use a setting powder that is light and finely milled if you have oily skin in this area. Also, use a technique that is right for you. As I have dry skin my under eye area does not like the baking technique all the time. The baking technique requires powder to be loaded onto the skin and allowed to sit for minutes until it is dusted away to leave a very concealed powdered look. As my concealer does tend to crease throughout the day I like to use a small powder brush to press loose powder on top of my concealer let it sit for a few seconds then dust away. A damp beauty blender bounced over the powder is a great way to remove that powdered look. But any skin with an uneven surface will find that this technique will actually make the under eye area look older so be careful when applying the amount of powder. My favourite powders are

Ben Nye Rose Petal powder

The pink tone to this powder is amazing for lifting the eye area. Its finely milled so sets the area really well without making the area look older. It has no flash back and my concealer stays crease free for about 6 hours or more. Baking with this powder is also very effective

RCMA No Color Powder

This is on the top of my list without a doubt. It sets for a flawless look and has some serious lasting power. The packaging is awful, I have lost a lot of this powder while trying to tip it onto a sponge or beauty blender. Make sure you transfer the powder to a large pot that is easier to use.

That is pretty much all my tips on under eye concealer. I keep it simple and use as little product in this area as possible. I hope you picked up some tips from this blog post. Any questions you have just pop them into the comments and I will be sure to get back to you

Until the next time Karmo Fam

Big hugs


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