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The best product Iv ever used on my skin

I am definitely a girl that will try anything if you tell me it’s going to give me glorious skin. So when I was watching a YouTube video of a makeup artist using vitamin E capsules as skincare I had to put down everything and run to the nearest health food store.

It must be a trick that I have somehow missed along the way as even the man in the health food store knew what I needed them for. As I stood infront of the myriad of edible vitamin E tablets and capsules I decided to go for the cheapest offering. At least it wouldn’t be an expensive mistake I thought to myself.

An expensive mistake it was not! That night after cleansing my skin in my usual routine I broke the capsule with a scissors and popped the vitamin E oil all over my face and neck area. The next morning I woke up to the smoothest skin of my life! The texture was gone down, my skin looked brighter, and my skin was so much more smoother than it had ever been and more hydrated.

So what’s the deal with vitamin E you ask? Vitamin E oil can block free radicals from the body which work towards slowing the aging process. As a result less wrinkles which is the fight we keep on fighting. Vitamin E also protects the skin against pollution and when combined with vitamin C can naturally protect the skin against the sun. It also has anti inflammatory effects on the skin. It will work on dry skin and any scarring ... so for my dehydrated acne scarred skin this is a winner.

A small word of warning to those with sensitive skin please do a patch test! Very important and use it only at night if you are prone to breakouts due to oily skin. I do find it quiet tacky but I use my day cream on top which counteracts this tacky feeling.

I have been using them in the morning and night for the past week and I have seen a visible difference in the hydration of my skin and I have noticed less breakouts. This little miracle in a capsule has got me thinking about serums and the amount of money I am going to save on expensive skincare! For now I have ruled out using all other serums to see if this new addiction to my routine is not just hype!

I would definitely recommend right now. If you have tried vitamin E oil let me know what you think in the comments. Looking forward to your feedback

Until the next time



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